Sunday, July 25, 2010

He's baaaack...

I think I'm the last one to say it, but our little Cooper is finally out of the woods! Today was an excellent day for him, and for Eloise too.

Cooper came off the ventilator around 11 and spent the rest of the day on the high flow cannula somewhere between room air and 30% oxygen. The doctor said she's going to ween him a little more slowly back to where he was, but she doesn't expect he'll have any issues getting there. He's still on most of his antibiotics and will not get fed until at least Tuesday, but it's nice for us to see him getting back to where he was.

Eloise continues to be our little mellow baby. She weighs almost 4lbs now, and she'll continue to gain as the doctor increases her feedings. Currently she gets 3oz 3ml every 3 hours. She needs to gain a little more weight and maintain her temperature a little bit more, and then she'll get to be in an open warmer style isolette. She's also growing longer, so much so that some of the preemie clothes the NICU provides are getting too short for her! Not sure where she gets this height, but I'm sure it'll slow down sooner than later...look at her parents. :-) We're happy that she is, and hoping that she stays, our little "feeder and grower" baby.

As great of a day as Coop had getting the tube out of his throat, I think it was an even better day to be Dad...he got to hold both of his babies. He must be a pretty comfortable pillow, because within 10 minutes of coming out, both babies were fast asleep. :-)


  1. what fabulous news about Cooper!!! whew! And what cute pictures of both babies!! A great day for all 4 of you!

  2. So exciting! Enjoy those precious moments!