Friday, July 23, 2010

Coming through the woods

I'm not quite willing to say he's out of the woods completely, but Cooper has sure made some huge strides today toward getting there! His morning x-ray looked almost "normal" according to his nurses and doctor, and over the course of the afternoon and evening he's made huge improvements on weening down his pressure and oxygen support from the ventilator. Also, his belly has measured at the same, or even smaller than his sister's for most of today. While he'll still be on antibiotics and without feedings for at least another 5 days, we're hoping he'll be out of these dark woods soon. He also opened his eyes a bit for us today. He's still pretty sedated, so his eyes looked a little "dopey" but it was so nice for us to see him start to perk up a bit.

Our little Eloise also had a pretty good day today. It was isolette changing day for her, so while she was getting a nice clean bed, Daddy and I got to snuggle with our princess. You can tell she and Coop have some kind of "twin sense" because today she showed us just how stressed she's been over his illness. :-)

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  1. So happy to hear Cooper is feeling a bit better! I think of Cooper and Eloise so much each day. Love to all!
    -Aunt Yo