Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What a day it's been! First and foremost: the babies got some new digs! After a tumultuous week, we got some great news around noon today: the babies were stable enough and were moved to the ICC (Infant Care Center). It will be their only step-down before they get to come home! We couldn't be more thrilled. They're in one of the few twin rooms over there, and they've even got a window! We're going to miss our nurses, especially our primary ones that have been with us through almost all of this, but we're excited to watch our little beans charm some new ones. :-)

Eloise had a pretty exciting day, even without the move. She's big enough and old enough that she's able to be in an open warmer. Basically that means that her isolette no longer has a roof on it, it's just raised with heat blowing on her if she needs it. She seems to enjoy it. :-) She also got her first feeding from a bottle today. It took her a while to get the hang of it, but eventually she was able to eat about 16mL before falling asleep and needing the rest given to her via her feeding tube.

Cooper continues to make us wonder if he was ever actually sick last week because he's just soaring back to where he was. He's still doing well with his feedings and I think the only thing he's having issues with is that they're not increasing fast enough! He must be his Daddy's kid because he too is grumpy when he's hungry! :-)


  1. What wonderful news. We are so happy for all four of you.

  2. moving days are not always days we enjoy...but this is a WONDERFUL moving day!!! these babies are SUPER babies and i can't wait to visit their new space! i bet that some of their nurses will sneak in to visit!!