Sunday, July 18, 2010

The end to a nice weekend

Jeff, the babies and I all had a nice weekend and a nice, but not long enough, visit with Gramma Betti and Pops. I think the babies enjoyed it even as much as Jeff and I did. :-)

It was another boring baby day with no changes for both Coop and Ella. Cooper did try to look around while he was laying on his tummy, but got tired part of the way through and spent some time face-planted into his bedding.

Both babies did enjoy spending some time out of their beds with Gramma, Pops, Mommy and Daddy. We can't wait for the time when they can come out more than once a day. Doug Heltne stopped by to meet our little ones today as well. I've run out of updates for today, so maybe some pictures from the weekend can say anything I've missed.


  1. We had a wonderful weekend with all of you. Everytime we are there is more exciting than the time before. I understand that boring is good but that boring can be exciting in terms of Cooper and Eloise. Take good care of your family and remember that we love all of you.

  2. not that we needed any additional confirmation that Cooper was a true Robinson boy, but now we most definitely have been reminded with the picture of Coop on the Blackberry talking to Pops!! SOOOOOO cute!!! Can't wait to see those bundles of love for myself hopefully soon!! xoxo