Monday, July 26, 2010

A 4lb Monday

Our little Eloise is 4lbs today! Cooper is close behind her, despite being sick, and we expect him to gain the last few ounces in the next day or two. With 4lbs come some pretty big milestones: she's technically big enough to be in a warmer and not a closed isolette (although she needs to maintain her temperature a bit better still), and she can fit into her carseat which means we can take her home (when they let us of course). :-) Clearly today was a pretty good day. Eloise spent her day content in her burrito and only came out for cares and a snuggle with Mommy.

Cooper had his follow up eye exam today, and like Ella's, his eyes are almost normal. We can also tell he's starting to feel a ton better: he's starting to notice that his tummy is empty and he's not happy about it. He was waking up before his cares, expecting to get fed, and getting pissed that he wasn't! He did get held by Mommy today which made him one content little babe. The doctor is please with how he's looking and has weened his oxygen and cannula almost back to where he was before he got sick. He also had his first bad hair day today, although I'm not sure if it's more bad or adorable. :-)

Both babies now have to share their isolettes with a "buddy". Daddy decided the babies needed their "Maggie bears" watching over them when he and I can't be there.


  1. What a wonderful report!!! I must say that bad hair days run in the family and that a hat can cover all kinds of things. The kids look great with their "Maggie Bears" (the ones I made are way to big) and we can't wait to see everyone on Friday. Love to all OXXOXOOXOXOXOX

  2. What great news! I am so happy to read how much progress they are making!