Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Respiratory Day...or Wednesday

The doctor called today "respiratory day" for the babes, and for good reason:

Ella came off the ventilator this morning! :-) And she looks amazing! She's back on the CPap to help her breathe, but she's requiring less and less oxygen as the hours she's been off the vent grow. We're hoping she can keep this pace and catch up to her big brother. The steroids she's been on are almost done, and while they've helped immensely, she's also developed a little case of "baby 'roid rage." Either that, or she's just feeling so much better that she's gotten all her spark back, because she threw some of the biggest fits today I think Jeff or I have heard from her! She kicked her legs and swung her arms so much she was able to kick of her saturation monitor that was attached to her foot! I know we'll eat these words, but it's so nice to hear her cry and see her tantrum after a week of feeling so crummy.

Cooper also had a good respiration day. He was moved from the high flow cannula to a standard flow cannula. The biggest difference is that the standard flow cannula doesn't push humid air through it, it's just dry air and it's up to Coop to start to process that. It's just one step closer to not having anything sticking up his nose to help him breathe (which we know he's most excited about...he hates having things in his nose). Coop and I had a good kangaroo hold today that included a story (Harold and the Purple Crayon), and a poopy diaper change on Mommy's lap. It was interesting to change a diaper on my lap, but it gave us a good chance to take a picture so everyone can see how big he's getting outside of his bed.


  1. It's just so hard to write this with tears in my eyes....what a GREAT day for all of you.....these babies are soooo adorable hooray for respiratory day!! gramma polly

  2. I've been out of touch and so am happy to hear all is going well for the wee ones. They just look soooo cute and healthy. I love hearing about their personalities.

    Jeff, don't forget Eloise will need to fitted for her golf clubs!!!

    Love you all,