Saturday, July 24, 2010

How can it have been 6 weeks already?!?

Although it was 6 weeks yesterday since the babies were born, I still can't believe it's been that long! While our hospital time has been interminable, with more to come, it's so weird to think that these little ones have been alive for that long. Crazy...

Anyway, it was another good day for both babies today. Eloise spent most of the day swaddled in her isolette. She basically looked like a baby burrito with only her little head sticking out. It was quite adorable. :-) She had her afternoon snack while laying on my chest and then spent the better part of an hour fast asleep on me.

Cooper continues to make giant steps forward. He's still making improvements on the ventilator and will hopefully not need it soon. The doctor said his x-ray this morning actually looked normal, not close to normal like yesterdays, and he's starting to get some of his spark back. He spent a little more time alert and awake today and before we know it he'll be back to charming all the NICU nurses with his big blue eyes. :-)

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